PFD Water Hose

Years ago I bought a new PFD with an integrated water bladder.  I then tried to jury rig a system that would keep the hose near my face so I could easily take a drink while paddling.  My first attempt at this was weak…a simple section of metal clothes hanger that I bent up, and taped to the hose.  It never worked well…as it didn’t have a strong anchor to the PFD, and was hard to re-bend on the go.  So…I did what I do with any crappy system…dealt with it for 2yrs (I need to work on lowering my ability to deal with crap, and find fixes instead).

But suddenly this past weekend, inspiration hit!  That means I saw what this genius did for their water system on a paddle board:

Lay Down Paddle Board w Water Bottles & Tubes

In part I was excited because I immediately recognized those yellow pieces as Gear Ties which I’ve been using for their intended purpose (corralling cables) for the past year.  So, I went and purchased one of their longer, 16in models….and began working on my PFD hose.

Gear Ties

The end result is truely awesome!  I’ve suddenly got a tube I can easily move around, stays where it’s supposed to stay, and easily drink while I’m paddling!  At least…that’s what it looks like…I’ll let you know after my next paddle session.

PFD on and ready to drink from

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