Adventure Racing - 2008-Present

Date: February 04, 2012

I’ve always had a love for the wilderness, and a childlike sense of adventure. As I grew up, camping on family trips evolved into solo backpacking excursions. Exploratory bike rides in suburbia evolved into epic mountain bike rides in the Sierras. Running on the soccer field evolved into running off trail at orienteering events. Adventure Racing quickly became my passion, and pushing myself to my limits with teammates at events brought me a sense of accomplishment, and connection to this world that is hard to get any other way. I’m a problem solver by nature, and have a strong spirit, a skill set that has helped me countless times navigate and endure these races.

What is Adventure Racing? Adventure racing is a combination of two or more endurance disciplines, including orienteering/navigation, cross-country running, mountain biking, paddling, climbing and related rope skills. An expedition event can span ten days or more while sprints can be completed in a matter of hours. Shorter races can be raced solo, or with a team, typically up to 4 people. Longer races are typically raced with teams of 2-4 people.

I began racing in 2008 with close friends. We first took on several local races, ranging from urban to full on wilderness races. In 2009 I began racing with a local bay are team, Racing With Giants. Racing With Giants developed me into an adept kayaker, and taught me how to race through the night. My first 24hr races, and multi-day races were with this team. In 2012 I joined Team Tecnu. A local bay area team with world class racers, and world class sponsors. This new team has given me an opportunity to racer harder, faster, and is opening new racing opportunities across the country.

Adventure Racing is often a difficult sport to explain, one good way to explain it is with a few videos of some my training events. Below is a video of a training day near Mt Tamalpais in Marin County, North of San Francisco.

Here is a quick video of some night time biking in Waterdog Park in Belmont, CA.

Race Results


  • San Francisco Night & Day – 7hr duathlon – 3person coed – 3rd overall, 1st in category
  • Seattle Night & Day – 7hr duathlon – solo – 1st in category


  • NorCal Pacheco
  • NorCal Henry Coe – 9hr – 2person male
  • Tahoe Big Blue – 9hr – 2person coed – 6th overall, 2nd in category


  • NorCal Pacheco
  • Big Blue Red Tail – 9hr – solo – 4th overall, 3rd in category
  • Big Blue Ocean Blue – 9hr – 2person coed – 8th overall, 2nd in category – Racing With Giants
  • NorCal Henry Coe – 9hr – 3 person male – Racing With Giants


  • San Francisco Night & Day – 16hr bike – 3person coed – 1st overall – Racing With Giants
  • Big Blue Lake Tahoe 24 – 24hr – 3person coed – 11th overall, 4th in category – Racing With Giants
  • NorCal Whiskeytown Adventure Race – 24+hr – 2 person male – 7th overall – Racing With Giants
  • Tahoe Big Blue – 9hr – solo – 9th overall, 4th in category


  • NorCal Quicksilver Adventure Race – 6hr – solo – 1st overall
  • Central Coast Dawn to Dusk – 12hr – 3person coed – 2nd overall – Racing With Giants
  • Gold Rush Mother Lode – 4 day – 3person coed – 7th overall – Racing With Giants
  • NorCal Whiskeytown Extreme Race – 24+hr – 4person coed – 5th overall – Racing With Giants


  • BAAR BRAWL Training Event – 24hr – 4person coed – 2nd overall (one of two teams to clear course)
  • BAARC Henry Coe Training Event – 10hr – solo – 2nd overall
  • BAARC Mt. Diablo Training Event – 10hr – 3person male – 1st overall
  • Central Coast Dawn to Dusk – 12hr – 4person coed – 1st overall – Team Tecnu
  • Gold Rush Summer Challenge – 6hr – 2person male – 1st overall – Team Tecnu
  • Equinox Traverse – 46hr – 4person coed – 3rd overall – Team Tecnu
  • Gold Rush Mother Lode – 5day – 4person coed – 3rd overall – Team Tecnu


  • BAAR BRAWL Training Event – 24hr – 2person male – 1st overall
  • Central Coast Dawn to Dusk – 12hr – 3person coed – DNF – heat exhaustion
  • Gold Rush Mother Lode – 4 day – 3person male – DNF – unexpected rain and cold temps drove us off the course


  • Gold Rush Mother Lode - 30hr - 4 person coed - 2nd overall - NORCAL Adventure Racing
  • World Rogaining Championships - South Dakota - 24hr - 2 person male - 8th overall - 4th mens open - Dennis & Andrew


  • Primal Quest Tahoe - 7 day - 4 person coed - 4th overall - NORCAL Advenure Racing


  • GodZone - 10 day - 4 person coed - unranked (finished short course in 7 days) - NORCAL Adventure Racing