John Muir Trail Thru Hike - 2007

Date: September 10, 2007

In the early fall of 2007 I set out to through hike the John Muir Trail. This 220mi long trail sets out from Yosemite Valley, and ends at the top of Mt Whitney, winding it’s way from North to South through beautiful stretches of the California Sierras. I had a light and fast backpacking strategy, sleeping under a tarp for the first 6 days, and sleeping on a mat that was the size of my torso throughout. My pack had a maximum loaded weight of roughly 55lbs with 7 days worth of food. I was restocked twice, once by friends, and a second time by a pail I had sent ahead. I teamed up with a fellow through hiker I met on the trail, who I’ve since become good friends with. We battled thunderstorms on high passes, blistered feet, torrential rain, and hunger pains. This was the hardest, but most memorable adventure of my life.