North Face Endurance Challenge - 50miler - 2012

Date: December 01, 2012

This was my last event for 2012, and one I had been looking forward to all year. One of my endurance goals for 2012 was to run a 50mi race in under 10hrs. I felt like that would be a challenging goal for me, yet one that was within reach. I didn’t do too much training throughout the year geared toward this race, but relied heavily on my adventure racing training throughout the year. The month before I up’d the miles with a 24 then a 30mi run. Great training. I played around with different food options, as well as new techniques for taping my feet (which improved my comfort drastically!!!).

The race was epic. The course changed from a fun huge lap that would have taken us from Chroncite Beach halfway up Mt Tam, down to Stinson Beach and back, to two laps of half that distance. The course was changed due to weather…which we had to fight for the entirety of the day. Heavy winds, heavy fog, with on and off showers. Luckily the air temperature didn’t dip too low.

I had difficult moments, but managed to push a solid pace for most of the race. I really left it all out there, especially those last few miles. I managed to finish in a time of 8:05, which I was super proud of. Had a lot of great support from friends, especially my pacers Garret Bean and Michael Kohn.

Here’s a GPS track of my race.