PDMWorks Implementation

Date: February 02, 2009

Company: Ardica, Seriforge, Zume & Openwater

After a few missteps, setbacks, I finally had enough time to implement PDMWorks Enterprise at Ardica Technologies. Being a small startup, we managed fine on most of our projects just saving and sharing files over a networked drive. But, as we crunched our timelines, and began working even more closely with our CAD, we needed a stronger solution to sharing and working with the same CAD assemblies and parts. I lead a small team (me and one of my coworkers) to roll out a PDMWorks Enterprise solution for managing our CAD data. There were a few hiccups after roll out, but it’s been clear to see the benefits as well!

Since then, I have also implemented PDM Standard & Enterprise as well as given training to get everyone up and running at Seriforge (2018), Zume (2019) and Openwater (2020). I've gotten to know the system fairly well, building template files, workflows, and integrating Toolbox part libraries. At Openwater I was even able to put PDM into the cloud on an AWS server allowing engineers to work from home through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tools Used: